Pakistan & Afghanistan Bureau Chief

I manage news coverage and reporters across Pakistan and Afghanistan for Bloomberg. Previously I was the Nigeria bureau chief in Lagos and a correspondent in Abuja, London and Nairobi.

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Big Brands Stage Raves in Pakistan to Attract Young Money

Armed guards stand at the entrance to the Elements Music Festival, an invitation-only affair...

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Pakistan Races to Fix Power Network Before Elections

Pakistan is racing to bridge its power supply gap before national elections next year after a series of widespread blackouts highlighted the fragility of the network...

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Back From Exile, Pakistan's Cricket Push Lures Advertisers

After waiting four hours to get tickets and negotiating tight security around Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium, Cyrus Raza Tahir finally made it into the packed stands to watch a rare game of cricket with international players on Pakistani soil.

Ghani article

Ghani Says Afghanistan Hit by `Undeclared War' From Pakistan

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said neighboring Pakistan has instigated an “undeclared war of aggression” against his nation after repeated bombings in Kabul in the past week, including the deadliest attack on the capital in 16 years.

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Corruption Claims, Currency Crisis Rattle Pakistani Leaders

A deepening political crisis in Pakistan has spooked investors and risks fresh street protests amid a corruption probe into Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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Dodging Illicit Cash, Pakistan Startups Hunt for Angel Funds

After banks in Pakistan turned down loan applications for his fledgling advertising company seven years ago, Faraz Khan found plenty of private investors willing to back his vision -- with a catch.

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Pakistan Fears Billions in Military Funds Under Scrutiny Amid Trump Aid Cuts

Billions of dollars of military aid to Pakistan is under fresh scrutiny as pressure mounts on U.S. President Donald Trump from top generals, officials and research groups for a policy review on the nuclear-armed South Asian nation.

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Oil Pipeline Bombings in Nigeria Signal New Threat

“General” Ramsey Mukoro opens a wad of cash and orders a double Hennessy before issuing his warning: the rebellion he was part of is threatening to return to the oil-rich Niger River delta.

Altaf hussain article

London Exile Who Runs Pakistan's Biggest City Is Losing Control

After 24 years running Pakistan’s largest city from exile in a quiet suburban house in north London, Altaf Hussain may be finally losing his grip on power.

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Cash Can't Fix the Nigerian Village Ruined by Shell's Oil

As canoes glide past mangroves blackened by oil in the Niger River delta, two dozen children splash around in a creek covered by a sheen of crude...

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Imran Khan Attacks Sharif Before Pakistan Panama Leak Ruling

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif faces insurmountable damage to re-election prospects due to a corruption lawsuit against him and his family, opposition leader Imran Khan said before a Supreme Court ruling.

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Standard Chartered Says a Trump WTO Attack May Set Trade Back Decades

Standard Chartered Plc’s Bill Winters, who runs one of the biggest trade-finance banks in the world, said U.S. President Donald Trump risks reversing decades of progress...

Dar article

Pakistan Pledges to Rein in Spending as Sharif Eyes Election

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar pledged that the government wouldn’t go on on a spending binge before next year’s elections...

Raheel sharif article

India Tensions Complicate Pakistan's Pick for Next Army Chief

Marking Pakistan’s Defence Day in a northern military garrison town, army chief Raheel Sharif presided over a highly-choreographed ceremony...

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Afghans Displaced by War Doubles to 1.2 Million

At least 1.2 million Afghans have been displaced by conflict, more than double the number three years ago...